To Potential Sponsors:

I am writing to you to propose a business venture that would be beneficial to both of us. As I’m sure you’re aware, advertising can prove to be quite expensive. I have developed an affordable sponsorship/advertising program that will allow you to reach your target audience for a fraction of what I am sure you spend in advertising each year.

First off, let me tell you a little about myself and my business. My name is Andy Jensen and I am the owner and operator of Jensen’s Engine Technologies and Jensen’s Engine Technologies Racing Team out of Northeast PA. I have been in the business of building performance engines and racing them for twenty years. I have built a name for myself, and a very reputable business throughout these years. In the past ten years, my race cars and I have been highlighted in several magazines including Super Chevy, Popular Hot Rodding, Hot Rod, Super Stock & most recently Corvette Fever (a copy of this article is attached). Within these articles I have highlighted the brand names of the products that I have used. As for my racing team, our cars consist of a 1967 Pro Street Corvette and a 1964 Pro Modified Corvette which makes us able to run at several different tracks and events each year, reaching several thousand racing fans. This racing team has become a track, and most of all, a fan favorite. We maintain a friendly and approachable attitude with both. Our cars are fast, reliable and consistent, and we always put on a good show. Our team is made up of four crew members and the driver, all of which are very knowledgeable and have excellent mechanical skills. Our equipment is up-to-date and well maintained. All of this leads to having a pair of race cars that rarely break.

From being in the performance engine business for 20 years, I have noticed that many race teams seek sponsorship to build their race cars, which makes sponsoring them a risky investment. When you sponsor Jensen’s Engine Technologies Racing Team you are sponsoring an already established team that is successful and has already built a name for themselves. The cars, and equipment used to transport the cars, are 100% paid for and the team is in a solid financial state. The sponsorship funding that we are seeking will be used for technical improvements to further our knowledge and ability to consistently win races and make record setting performances at exhibition shows. It will also be used to purchase spare parts to insure that we will make 100% of our projected dates. Your sponsorship funding may include not only monetary funding, but product contributions as well.

The information within this packet shows you our racing schedule from last year and the results we obtained, and this years schedule shows you our projected racing events. Also included are profiles of each of the race cars. Please note on our schedule that we are hired by Super Chevy Magazine to put on exhibition runs at their annual event at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA. That event alone brings in over 100,000 racing fans per day and we will be there both days.

The sponsorship packages can be viewed below. You can choose one of the proposed packages, or we would be happy to customize one for you.

I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration of this business venture. If you are interested in sponsoring Jensen’s Engine Technologies Racing Team we can be reached via telephone at 570-379-3069 or you can email us at Andy@JensensEngineTech.com.


Andy Jensen


Sponsorship Packages:

$500/yr for 3 yrs – Approx. 1’x 2’ company sticker or logo on trailer
– Logo on sponsorship board
– Distribution of your published materials
$1000/yr for 3 yrs – Same benefits as above package
– Company name or logo on T-shirts
$7500 – Same benefits as above package but with an
approx. 3’x5’ sticker or logo on trailer
– Sticker or logo on wing or window of race cars
– Link to your company website from our website
– Same benefits as above package
– Naming rights to the team, car will be announced as sponsors team.
– Crew will wear team apparel provided by sponsor
– Primary logo on sponsorship board

You may choose from one of the above packages, or we can customize a package to suit you. Sponsorship can be in the form of cash and/or product that can be used by this race team.

Along with the benefits you receive with your sponsorship funding, we can also offer prizes such as t-shirts, hats, product, gift certificates, etc. at the special racing events that we will attend.

As I’m sure you are aware, there can only be one Primary Sponsor. If we receive contracts from more than one company for this particular sponsorship package we will contact each company and start negotiations.

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