Past Race Cars

1964 Corvette Pro Mod Car


This is our old 1964 Corvette Pro Mod style car. What sets it apart from other Pro Mod cars is that it is powered by a high tech, turbocharged, small block Chevy producing nearly 2,000 H.P. These types of engines are becoming very popular with all ages of motorsports fans. The unique sound and starting line show of a turbo car is a real crowd pleaser. In its first season of competition, this car has run a best e.t. of 6.48 at 215 m.p.h. and won the Northeast Pro Mod Association points championship.

1967 Corvette Pro Street Car


This is a 1967 Corvette Pro Street car. Its nearly stock appearing body lines and naturally aspirated small block chevy power plant make it a real crowd pleaser. With its street legal status, it can be used for drive-thru the gate shows, and with its consistent 7.40 e.t.‘s @ over 180 m.p.h. it can be used for match races and exhibition runs. Its light weight makes it perfect for less than perfect track conditions.

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