September 2005 Update

September 2005: There has been a break in the racing action here in September so I prepped both cars for their next races and still had a little time before the next race so I thought I had better update you on what has been going on with the team and the shop.

As of the last update the turbo car has been working pretty good. Some of the changes we made, like going from 4.10’s to 3.89’s in the rear end, and venting the exhaust from under the body have really helped out. In the last 8 races we have been in 7 finals and have won 5. A dramatic improvement from the Spring when we didn’t qualify for 3 races in a row. We are now leading the points series in the Northeast Pro Mod Association and also at Skyview in their Quik 8 series. So far the best e.t. is 6.38, and the best m.p.h. is 227, which I believe makes this the fastest single-turbo car in the country.

We haven’t raced the Pro Street car much with the busy Pro Mod schedule. But it won all 3 times it was out this year. I am considering selling it and building a turbo-charged 10” tire car. We have 3 more dates with the Pro Mod car, and 1 more with the Pro Street car (see schedule) this season and I hope to snag at least one more win.

For shop news, things are going very well. There will definitely be a new Dyno and a cylinder hone in the shop before 2006. This should help us to build better engines and help shop efficiency, as we use L&B Development’s dyno now and it takes me out of the shop for a whole day.

I will update again after the season wraps up and give final race season results. Until then, thanks for continuing to checkout our website. We will be continuing the Tech Tips soon. I hope to see you at the track or the shop soon. Don’t forget to check out our awesome t-shirts, your purchase helps to support the team.