Master of Faster Kickstarter Project 6.25.2017

After the wildly successful Customer Appreciation Day, we’d like to thank everyone for coming out! We hope you had as great of a time as we did. As you saw and heard yesterday, our Kickstarter Project needs your help! So now we’re turning to you to get “The Master of Faster” series launched. Since there was so much going on yesterday, we thought it would be best to create a step by step guide on how to Pledge our project. Our success depends on you! The more pledges generated in the first 48 hours of a project ultimately determines its success. Kickstarter works on the NUMBER of pledges in these hours so EVERY donation is important regardless of the amount! This will keep our project popular on Kickstarter so we can then reach our goal. Please check out the instructions below and help make this project a reality!

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1. Click on our personal Kickstarter page link here:
2. Click – “Back this Project”
3. You’ll be redirected to a page with all of our Rewards.
4. Choose your Reward Level
5. Enter your Pledge Amount if you’d like to increase your donation from the amount shown (Note: the amount automatically shown includes shipping)
6. Click – Continue
7. Enter your Email address as a Guest
8. Click – Continue as a Guest
9. Enter your Credit Card information
10. Click – Pledge and you’re done!
…. If you’d like to simply donate any amount, click the “Make a Pledge without a Reward” option at the top of the page and follow the same process