July 2008 Update

July 2008: I was looking over the website and realized that the race team info had not been updated in over 2 years. I couldn’t believe it. It’s true that time does fly when your havin fun but the time had gone so fast that it was almost a shock. Well, I probably didn’t think to update anything at the end of ’06 since their wasn’t much good news to be given that season. We won a few races and ran our best et ever (6.35 @ 225mph) with the turbo car, but the season definitely fell short of our expectations. At the end of that season I knew that I had to make some changes. The workload at the shop and the demands of running a 2-car team were too intense for me to be able to do an effective job at the track so I decided to sell the pro-street car. It hurt to see it go, but it was just too much to maintain and the guy who has it now is having a blast with it. Now with just one car to concentrate on I was able to see a lot of issues with the turbo car and thru the winter of ’06-’07 I made big changes to the engine, transmission and suspension. Early testing in ’07 proved the changes worked and in May we set a world record (6.20 @ 228mph) making our car the fasted turbo-charged door car in the world. The rest of the season went very well. We won 7 out of 16 races and 2 championships. One for the MIR Frantic 7, and one for the Northeast Outlaw Promods. I have been watching both of these series’ since 1999, and I don’t think anyone has ever won both championships in the same year. At the end of ’07 we sold the turbo corvette to a team in Kuwait. I was flattered that they chose my car over all the others for sale in the US. For the ’08 season we have a new Tim McAmis Camaro that was finished at John Littles’ shop and was fitted with a new alky burning single turbo small block. It was a ton of work finishing the car and getting out for the ’08 season, but we managed to get it done and started our season in late May. Early testing showed great promise, but with a few setbacks with the new combination and some mechanical problems, we almost threw in the towel. But it had shown such potential that we knew we had to keep working to figure it out, and in the end it paid off. Due to the fact that we had very few runs on the car, we reluctantly ventured to an ADRL race in Radford, VA. On the last qualifying attempt we were able to post another world record setting et of 3.99 @ 184mph in the 1/8 th mile which qualified us 3 rd for the event. And when the smoke cleared we made it to the semifinals, which far exceeded our expectations for the first real race outing. We are going to continue to run with the ADRL organization and do some ¼ mile exhibition work (see schedule). Hopefully by the end of the summer we will have this car running to its fullest potential (we already have a team from Kuwait looking at this one)

Thank you for your continued interest in our team and we hope to see you at the track.