Restoration and Stock Appearing High HP Engines

Restoration Engines

We do all types of performance restoration work. Vince Correale’s 440 max wedge engine is pictured to the right. (Image 1,2)

We also do high HP stock apearing engines, heres a pic of a 350hp 350 that makes 440hp
and my 375 hp 396 clone that made 542 HP and looks stock. (Image 3,4,5)

Also pictured is Joe Buono’s 1967 Z/28 302 that looks stock but made a whopping 412 hp. (Image 6,7)

This stock appearing DZ 302 is actually 388 cubic inches and made an amazing 512 HP.

That’s right… A flat head ford on our dyno and it ran perfectly making 100 + HP

We can do it all at Jensens just check out this John Deere M that has been completley overhauled.

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