Crate Engines

Our Crate Engine Packages

We have taken the concept of a crate engine to the next level. Browse the engine packages below and discover the horsepower and torque that awaits your ride…

If you are looking for components to assemble your own engine, Jensen’s has the best prices on hard core engine parts and Andy will help you choose the correct parts so your project assembles smoothly and performs to your expectations. We have had great success using the components from Brodix, Callies, Canton, Comp Cams, Crower, Jesel, JE/SRP, Lunati, Manley, Oliver, Scat, Steffs, and World Products and we will help you to use them successfully too.

(due to todays inflation rate, prices are subject to change without notice)

Want to assemble your own engine?

Check out our machine shop price sheet for all your engine
prep needs .

Get a glimpse of our engine building process...

We offer a "Full-Service" engine shop for all your Horsepower needs.

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